Collins Guide to Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

The best part about Christmas Season has got to be finding gifts for your friends and loved ones. There is a sense of intimacy in shopping for the perfect gift for someone because subconsciously you will be reminiscing memories you have of them while browsing for their gift. You recollect the familiarity and the way they make you feel. The warmth is amplified during the gift exchange when you realize that the process was mutual; that your loved ones were thinking of you when they bought you the gift.

Choose a gift from the extensive collection from Collins or browse through our curated top picks below. Show your loved ones how dear they are to you by choosing quality and passion to the craft #COLLINSpires.

10 Cube by Collins

Perhaps you know that one person who has always been neat and organized. You remember them as someone who always shared tips and tricks on how to keep your life clutter-free. Show them that you remember these small details about them by giving them the award winning 10 Cube by Collins, a desk organizer that won Best Desk Accessory for Stationery Awards 2020. Perfect for those who fancy clutter-free workspaces. Its foldable layout houses multiple features including a built-in wireless phone charger, business card holder and a stationery tidy. Your loved ones will love the bright and hip designs that fit right into any desk, be it home or at work.

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Collins Dath 420ml Cup

Nothing beats a dose of that morning brew to function better at work. Perhaps you know a coffee enthusiast, or perhaps you remember someone who has an abundant supply of eco-friendly lifestyle hacks to protect the environment. An eco warrior who believes that with enough coffee, anything is possible. If a name comes to mind when reading the above, consider giving them the Collins Dath 420ml cup. The Dath cup is an unmatched gift idea for the coffee and tea enthusiasts who have a strong penchant for saving the environment. Introduce them to a guilt free drinking experience with a bamboo fibre cup that is made from 100% biodegradable materials, ethically and sustainably harvested. Choose from four different colours and two choices of patterns.

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POCA Bag Series

Do you know a loved one who is never tied down? Someone whose schedule is packed with activities like hitting the gym after a day at work or lounging at a beach club for the weekend. A busy bee, their style can be referred to as impeccable and sleek, yet highly practical to suit a versatile lifestyle. If their aesthetic had a motto, there is not a doubt that it would be “function meets fashion”. The POCA bag series is designed to suit the needs of someone just like that. Make a POCA bag your choice of gift for those who deserve a bag that can keep up with their boisterous routine. Your friends and loved ones will love the bag for its lightweight design and ample storage spaces. It is also made with waterproof nylon fabric, ensuring durability that lasts. The POCA series introduces two designs, namely the Poca Boston Bag and the Poca Tote Bag. For a touch of sophistication and class, both bags are lined with our signature tartan design; as homage to Collins’ Scottish heritage.

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The future is in sight. Play a part in helping build 2021 for your loved ones by presenting them with Collins Rainbow Desk Calendar or Brighton A3 Calendar. Liven up any workspaces or desks with the bright illustrations and photography featured within the calendar. Plan your days ahead with an integrated planner section designed into the calendars.

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Face Masks

Stay protected this holiday season with Collins Alexis, our very own anti-bacterial face masks. Our reusable face masks are made with soft and breathable fabric, suitable for daily long use. The washable fabric also provides UV-blocking protection, making it the ideal hygiene wear. With bold and bright designs you are sure to liven up your gatherings by getting everyone matching masks.

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Gift Pack

Exploring our catalogue but still undecided on a gift? Take a back seat and choose a gift pack that we have curated instead. The gift pack features a complete set of essential desktop stationeries that work spaces are thoroughly incomplete without. Included are Collins Kalos 2021 Calendar Year Diary, the Collins Kalos Notebook A5 Ruled, and the Collins Kalos Magnetic To Do List Pad Slim List. Plan ahead in style with the bright and contemporary designs. The gift pack is a must-have collection on every desk, be it office or at home.

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Collins Kalos 2021 Calendar Year Diary 

Collins Kalos Notebook A5 Ruled 

Collins Kalos Magnetic To Do List Pad Slim List 

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