We’ve addressed the benefits of connecting with Nature in our previous article and in this new 3-part series, we’re sharing with you the techniques to help you immerse yourself in the natural world and let Nature do its wonders on your body and mind.

1. Imagine yourself as a tree and stand comfortably

Imagine yourself standing strong and stable with roots running deep into the ground and leaves and branches spreading out like antennae accessible, receptive and patient. If you find your mind wandering, apply the skills you’ve learnt in our previous article to ground your thoughts.

Be comfortable and get a good grip of the ground with the four corners of your feet. Anchor yourself in and take deep heavy breaths. You will soon realise Nature in the form of gravity will start helping you get a better grounding. Use the breathing techniques you’ve mastered previously and focus on following your breath as you breathe in and out.

2. Pay attention to happenings around you

Holding onto the visualisation as a tree, raise your hands outwards like the wide branches of the trees you see around you. Revisit the practice you’ve learnt from Mindful Body Scan and feel every senstation that Nature has in store for you. Embrace every bit of sunshine, heat and smell by being deeply attuned to our body.

Be still and absorb your surroundings. If you feel your mind drifting and wanting to move on, pull yourself back and visualise yourself as a longstanding tree again who has been standing tall and still throughout time.

Bring your hands back down and now close your eyes. Listen, and listen deeply. Deep listening helps you to achieve an inner peace to make you feel as one with Nature. Take in the sounds of your surrounding with intention.

3. Write freely about your experience

Documenting the sounds will not be difficult now, for your mind has thoroughly been absorbed with Nature. Your connection with Nature has now given you a smooth passage into writing freely.

Find a quiet space and sit in any comfortable position and get ready to journal. Make a simple list of the sounds you have heard and describe them.

Conclude your journaling by reflecting on your experience. How did it make you feel? What are your thoughts? This might just be the start to an awakening that you’ve been waiting for. Keep practising this new skill with the ones you’ve learnt previously and continue your Mindful Journaling. Select your confidante to take on your Nature journeys with these recommendations for you.

#ConnectWithNature is proudly presented and prepared in collaboration with Shalini Damodaran, an established Mindfulness practitioner and teacher. For more information, please visit https://shalinidamodaran.com/.

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