Collins Eco Viridian - 2024 A5 Week-to-View Diary (E-VD153-24)



Just as William Collins was given an opportunity in Glasgow 200 years ago, Collins is now giving opportunities to young people in the city to make their mark by having their designs featured in Collins’ famous collection.

The winning UK student design from Giulia Cavalcanti of the City of Glasgow College represents the constant fluidity and movement that exists within nature.

With the green spots representing nature and the fluidity representing the sustainable source of water, Giulia seeks to show that nature has the power to fight back and prevail against manmade constructions and that a sustainable future is possible. Juxtaposed with the smooth finish of the cover material, this stunning diary really makes a statement.

Color *
Green Leaf
Lilac Coral
Yellow Earth

CURRENT & FORWARD YEAR PLANNERS - Mark in those important dates for this year and next year

EASY REFERENCE - With lay flat opening for quick reference on your desk and ribbon markers to mark your place in the year, this diary is practical for your daily use wherever you go.

MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL - as a responsible 21st Century stationery supplier, Collins is devoted to being a sustainable company with minimal environmental damage. This diary is made from recycled materials and can be recycled when complete.

YOUNG DESIGNER - The Viridian Collection brings together young designers from across the world. This diary was designed by Jacek Clok of Billy Blue College of Design in Australia, who wanted to create something bright and hopeful for the future.

CELEBRATING SUSTAINABILITY - Not only are the covers and pages sustainable, the design promotes a simple message about how we can embrace a greener path forward, with it monochromatic colour palette with organic hand drawn motifs representing aspects of our world under threat.