Collins Management - 2024 Quarto Business Week-to-View Diary with Appointments (QB7-24)


The Collins Business Week diary is an asset to the busiest of schedules, its quality leather covers and extensive business section providing elegant structure to even the most demanding of projects.

Complete with 24 pages of colour maps and gilt page-edging, this luxury diary will efficiently organise and manage customers’ lives

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INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION - holidays, festivals, unit conversions, travel information and dialling codes from all over the world to help you keep track of all things global.

PREMIUM PAPER - the luxurious Japanese paper adds a touch of class and allows your pen to glide effortlessly over the page. It is also FSC Certified, meaning that it is responsibly and ethically sourced from trusted suppliers and sustainably manufactured.

LUXURY COVERS - Premium bonded leather covers that offer a quality feel and durability that will last for years, finished off with a classy gilt-edged pages

FSC CERTIFIED PAPER - The paper of this diary is responsibly and ethically sourced from trusted suppliers and sustainably manufactured, adhering to strict FSC Certification rules for the mark of responsible forestry.

MAPS SECTION - The 24 page full colour map section make this diary perfect for the international business executive. No need for internet connection when you have the whole world at your finger tips for easy reference. Includes maps of UK regions, global cities, continents and the London Underground.



  • Quatro (260 x 210mm)
  • Vertical Week-to-View (8am - 8pm, hourly)
  • 152 pages
  • 80gsm
  • Bonded leather material