Don't snooze on good sleeping habits

Don't snooze on good sleeping habits

Sep 15 , 2021

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Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is no secret that we should invest heavily in this time. Cultivating excellent sleeping habits is akin to a mindful healthy diet and exercising regime, but are we doing it right? Beds and their surrounding environment are a key posture to how good sleep can be derived. With just five simple footnotes to gear the approach, the power of regular good night's sleep will help drive wellness and better living.


Keeping to a regular schedule is not as hard as it seems. Getting a standardised time to find that shut eye is giving strength to our natural body clock. Especially for those who suffer from insomnia, getting a regimental timing will contribute greatly towards easier sleep, and subsequently, better quality rest.


How one enters sleep is also crucial. Set the tone right with soft lighting, scents and even soothing music should you wish, and take your mind away from it all by leaving your mobile phone aside. A simple 5 or 10 minutes worth of self-reflection will also give that sleep a good kick start, and remember, white noise from humidifiers or air purifiers may be interruptive to some. Even better yet, take that 5 or 10 minutes to plan for the next day Clementine A5 Slim Notebook . Finalise the next day's plans with our standard Day to a Page with Appointments feature, this series comes in elegant pink, navy and grey. All the 192 pages are endowed with the 70gsm Kinmari Japanese Premium Cream paper, the soft flexible cover will ensure a comfortable read just before you enter sleep.

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This might come as a surprise, but afternoon naps are disruptive to how we will be able to conjure a better sleep at night. It may feel like a fabulous temporary relief, especially during weekends, but truth is you have set yourself up for a more difficult entry into sleep later at night.


Investing properly in a good mattress and pillows goes a long way to getting that sleep right. For some of us who grew up with softer mattresses, it's vital to know that a slightly harder base is actually much better for both sleep and posture. Considering we spend on average, 26 years of our lives sleeping, it's only right that we spend as much (if not more) on daily equipment such as electronics and transport.


Glue everything in with a conscious exercising regime and getting your diet all planned out. It's no crime to have the occasional cheat days, but if that wonderful sleep is installed, back everything up with a healthy lifestyle that would really reinvent how you tackle the days. For more sleeping tips, check out the Health Guide in the COLLINS Kalos 2021 Diary Series . Other than useful health tips, Kalos is also available in three stylish colours of teal, yellow and pink. This is one luxurious show of style that is filled with premium Japanese paper from front to back and equipped with a Lay Flat Opening, it's a comfortable companion in bed for you to journal or take notes on, before getting that much needed shuteye.