How a Diary Can Help You Realise Your Dreams

How a Diary Can Help You Realise Your Dreams

Jun 26 , 2024

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Did you know that writing by hand offers numerous benefits over typing or tapping? It has an incredible ability to engage your brain in ways digital tools cannot.

Using a diary provides a reliable and robust system that never runs out of battery, is always available, and offers a tactile experience that a phone screen can't replicate. Writing can be an expression of creativity and emotion, making your daily habit of planning a pleasure to savour. Not only is writing a great experience, but it is also a practical one. Here’s how a diary can bring your dreams into reality.

Set Clear Goals

Use your diary to write out the 5-10 most important things you want to achieve in the next year. Break them down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily milestones.

Build Habits

Implement habits into your weekly and daily view. For example, if you want to start reading more, write it out like this:

  • Yearly Goal: “Read 5 books this year”
  • Daily Habit: “Read for 5 minutes a day – 3x a week”

Weekly View

  • Monday – read
  • Wednesday – read
  • Friday – read

Create Projects

Making projects will help you break down larger goals into achievable tasks. A project should have a deadline. An example could be:

  • Goal: Move House – February 2025
  • Project: “renovate home” – by 5th December 2024
  • Tasks: paint, phone electrician, plaster walls.

Then assign a date to complete tasks like so:

  • Monday – Paint
  • Tuesday – Phone Electrician
  • Wednesday - Plaster Walls

Do Regular Reflection

On a periodic basis, use your diary to reflect on what’s going well, what could be done better. This will boost your motivation and keep you on the right track.

This clear and simple approach solves one problem: overwhelm.

If you find yourself losing track of tasks, notes, and calendar invites, this approach can help you design your life with more clarity and intention. Feel less stressed, have more time to do things you love, and move towards a positive future with your diary.

In a world filled with digital tools, apps, and clutter, why not return to the essentials with Collins Debden? Experience the joy of writing by hand and bring clarity and intention to your life.

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