Jumble & Co is In Two Minds

Jumble & Co is In Two Minds

Oct 16 , 2023

Marketing Shared

Collins lifestyle brand, Jumble & Co, has launched a brand new range, In Two Minds, which embraces the duality of life’s emotions.

The stylish new collection features dual tone products expressing two facets of emotion, acknowledging the daily wrestle with our inner minds and the need to balance our emotions.

For example, the struggle between our structured, organisational side and our more creative, free-thinking side. This struggle is reflected in the dual cover designs of the diaries, notebooks and journals, and the split formats inside them.

What’s more, all the paper products are made from 100% recycled paper, continuing Collins’ drive to sustainability.

Here is a run down on what is included in the the new range:

Chaos & Control A5 Notebooks

Your buddy for lifes rollercoaster, where creativity meets a touch of controlled fun. This isn't just a notebook; it's a safe place for your thoughts, dreams, and a bit of constructive chaos. With the split page layout of Top Ruled, Bottom Dot Grid: It's like two papers in one! jumble notebooks

jumble undated diary

Chaos & Control A5 Undated Diaries

This undated weekly diary is your go-to companion embracing the "It's OK not to be OK" vibe. Unleash your inner quirky with a safe space for your thoughts and emotions. It has a weekly planner on one side to plan your week and dotted grid on the other for all your bullet journaling creativity to flow.


Head & Heart Weekly Self Care Journals

Discover the essence of self-expression with the "Head & Heart Journal." Embrace your Two Minds as you journey through your thoughts and feelings in these weekly journals. This isn't just a journal; it's a testament to your beautifully messy life story.

Choose between the Thankful & Wishful Gratitude Journal, Mantras & Moods Mindfulness Journal or the Routines & Reflections Wellness Journal.


Practical & Playful A3 Deskpads

This A3 size deskpad is your sidekick for taking on the chaos when life gets a bit bumpy. Because you know what? It's totally fine not to feel OK sometimes! Created for adventurous souls riding the ups and downs of life, this large deskpad with split sections helps you jot down all those important and non important notes!


Ups & Downs Umbrella

Life can be full of surprises, just like the weather. So, let style and practicality come together with our Ups & Downs Umbrella. It's not just an umbrella; it's a reliable friend, a fashion statement, and a reminder that you can handle whatever comes your way.

 jumble umbrellas

Bits & Bobs Tote Bag

Tired of blending in with the crowd? Say hello to the "Bits & Bobs Totebag" by Jumble & Co – your ticket to standing out with style while embracing your quirks! Available in 4 designs to match your journal, each sturdy bag can fit A4 size documents and items.

Sips & Gulps Water Bottle

Do you crave a water bottle that's not just a mundane container, but a true emotional sidekick on your rollercoaster journey? Look no further than the 2 litre Sips & Gulf Water Bottle from Jumble & Co - it's not just a bottle, it's a mood-lifter and motivator for those "what-am-I-doing" moments.

Sling & Grip Phone Strap

Where function meets emotion with a cheeky twist! Crafted for the creative souls navigating the organised chaos of life, this strap is your go-to companion for keeping your phone secure on your wrist while embracing all the feels of everyday tasks.

Still In Two Minds whether or not to buy? You can save 10% on your order just by using the code LAUNCH10 on the Jumble & Co website - www.jumbleandco.com